Kumamoto Regional Promotion IC Card

Kumamon no IC CardKumamon no IC Card

Aso Kumamoto Airport Renovation Commemorative Design Card On sale!Aso Kumamoto Airport Renovation Commemorative Design Card On sale!

Take a Kumamon no IC Card home as a souvenir.

About the Kumamon no IC CardAbout the Kumamon no IC Card

This IC card passenger ticket can be used with Sanko Bus Group, Kumamoto Electric Railway (buses and trains), Kumamoto Bus, Kumamoto Toshi Bus and Kumamoto City Tram.
It is not a disposable ticket but, rather, can be topped up and used repeatedly.
It can also be used as electronic money at participating merchant stores.

Accepted at 2,900 locations throughout Kumamoto, including buses, trains, Kumamoto City Tram vehicles, Amu Plaza Kumamoto, SAKURA MACHI Kumamoto, and Tsuruya department stores!

Whether it's a bus ride or shopping you're earning points!Whether it's a bus ride or shopping you're earning points!

Earn 1pt for every 100 yenEarn 1pt for every 100 yen

Every point you earn can be used as one yen of electronic money on buses, trains and for retail shopping within the prefecture.

*Using Kumamoto City Tram does not earn points.

Purchase the Card

The Kumamon no IC Card can be purchased at bus company sales counters (see below), inside buses, at select merchant stores, bank counters at participating Higo Bank locations in Kumamoto Prefecture and from ticket machines.

(Kyushu Sanko Bus, Sanko Bus, Kumamoto Electric Railway, Kumamoto Bus, Kumamoto Toshi Bus)

*The Kumamon no IC Card cannot be purchased at the Transportation Bureau (Oe Sales Office, Kami-Kumamoto Sales Office) or inside Kumamoto City Tram vehicles.

[Cost] 2,000 yen
(includes 500 yen deposit)

Top up the Card

  • Bus company sales counters
  • Inside buses and trains
  • Bank counters at select Higo Banks
  • Select merchant stores
    (“Participating Stores” can be found on the homepage)
  • Top-up machines

Smartphone Top-up App

You can use your smartphone to top up your card via direct debit from your Higo Bank account.

Use the Card

Use on buses, electric
railways and Kumamoto City
Tram vehicles

  • Get on

    When boarding, touch and hold firmly until the card balance displays on the card reader.

  • Get off

    When disembarking, touch and hold firmly until the fare and card balance display on the card reader.

Use for shopping

  • With the Kumamon no IC Card

    When at the register, let the clerk know you want to pay with your Kumamon no IC Card.

  • 2

    Check the amount displayed and then touch and hold your Kumamon no IC Card firmly against the card reader until you hear “Kuumamoon♪”.

Card Cancellation

You can cancel your card at the sales counter of a transportation operator (excluding the Kumamoto City Transportation Bureau).
You will be refunded the card balance and the 500 yen deposit you made at the time of card purchase, minus a 220 yen handling fee.
(If the card balance is below 220 yen, it will be claimed as the handling fee.)
For cards without a named bearer, payment will be made to the person bringing the card to the counter.
For cards with a named bearer, payment will be made after confirmation that the person bringing the card is the named card bearer.
If being returned by a representative, formal documentation of the representative's identity, or proof of power of attorney, is required.
In addition, all points will expire upon card cancellation.